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3756 Grand Avenue Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94610
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Dr. Frances Dalton is a general practitioner whose practice hearkens back to a time when medical care was highly personalized and even delivered at home.  

Virtual Consults

Too sick to come in? On the road? No time for an office appointment? No problem! A Virtual Consult may be appropriate for your health concern. 


Think of a Virtual Consult as a 21st century house call - but better. If you're unable to come into the office for a regular office visit, we can conduct your appointment over phone or email. Get top notch care from the convenience of wherever you happen to be, whenever you need it. 

If you're interested in having a Virtual Consult, there are just a few important points to note:

  • Virtual Consults are not covered by insurance. $75.00 will be due prior to your Virtual Consult.

  • Virtual Consults are screened and approved for appropriate medical issues.

  • Patients must already be established with a primary care provider.

  • Virtual Consults are not a substitute for preventive care.

To request a Virtual Consult, get started by submitting the following form. I will respond to your request promptly.

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