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3756 Grand Avenue Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94610
United States of America


Dr. Frances Dalton is a general practitioner whose practice hearkens back to a time when medical care was highly personalized and even delivered at home.  


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Our primary care practice hearkens back to a time when medical care was highly personalized, independent, and free from corporate and insurance constraints. During my medical school training, I did a rotation with a family doctor in the rural town of Flourtown, PA. After the morning schedule, we would eat lunch at his country home where I met his wife and pets before returning back to the office. It was a formative experience that inspired me open a private practice, but in the big city.  We are now the only independent primary care practice in Oakland!  We consider our practice the alternative to the big box medical corporations. 

Our office decor is eclectic, modern, and cheerful and we pride ourselves in providing culturally-sensitive care to a diverse array of patients. 

Though we look back fondly at a bygone era of medicine, we use HIPAA-compliant, web-based Electronic Health Records. This ensures the utmost privacy and security for your medical information. We also offer electronic prescriptions so you don’t have to drop off paper prescriptions at the pharmacy, electronic lab results so you can learn about your health status more quickly, e-mail, and even virtual consults if you prefer receiving medical care at your home or office. Wi-Fi is available in the waiting room.

We welcome you to our office and appreciate your choosing us to be your health care provider.