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3756 Grand Avenue Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94610
United States of America


Dr. Frances Dalton is a general practitioner whose practice hearkens back to a time when medical care was highly personalized and even delivered at home.  

Private Practice Premium

Annual Fee | $99.00

We strive to maintain a robust private practice which offers a high-tech platform, individualized care, direct e-mail communication with Dr. Dalton, and longer appointment times compared to large medical corporations and partnering with you as your healthcare advocate.

We are the last remaining independent primary care private practice in Oakland!  Think of us like an organic farm:  small-scale production, high quality care.  

Our patients support the added value and appreciation  of a private practice with an Annual Private Practice Premium fee of 99.00* which helps us provide services and benefits beyond what insurance covers.  We have a risk-free approach which guarantees you'll see value with the Premium.  

Independent physicians in Private Practice operating outside of a corporation are very rare today.  They do not have the economy of scale to help support the myriad tasks involved in caring for each unique patient.  There are many hidden time-consuming administrative tasks such as authorizations, work to comply with new government and insurance company regulations, creating documents and letters for patients outside of the appointment time, resolving many billing issues and many more.  There is no compensation for these additional hours of work and insurance reimbursements have been reduced.

We also want to support our employees to the fullest extent possible.  We really are partners and work as a team to deliver the most timely and efficient care you deserve.

Delivering the highest and most accessible quality care is our number one priority.  

We thank you, our patients, for helping to support our neighborhood based, locally owned and operated independent practice.

*Payment will be due at time of service billed annually one year after the previous payment. Payment in full is not a prerequisite for receiving medical care at our office. To understand your payment options please inquire.