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3756 Grand Avenue Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94610
United States of America


Dr. Frances Dalton is a general practitioner whose practice hearkens back to a time when medical care was highly personalized and even delivered at home.  


  • Single Acupuncture Treatment:  $115.00

  • Discounted series of 4 treatments:  $420.00 ($105.00 each)


Because acupuncture is most effective with cumulative and preventive treatments, we offer a discounted series of 4 acupuncture treatments.

Our acupuncture services are separate from our medical practice.

While we do not accept or bill insurance for acupuncture even if you have a benefit, we will gladly provide you with a claim form that you can submit to your HSA (Health Savings Account) for reimbursement, if you have one.

During your initial 90-minute visit, we will discuss your problem in detail and administer your first treatment.  Following this visit, we will schedule 75-minute follow-up appointments dedicated to acupuncture treatment and re-evaluation of your condition.